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Brian Vanderburgh of Las Vegas: Scheduling Tips


Brian Vanderburgh Las Vegas is the owner of a business VDB Properties. As leader of his own firm, he has many responsibilities to manage. He uses careful scheduling to keep his life in order and still find time for himself, and he has earned a reputation for reliability and timeliness.

Without scheduling, many professionals like Brian Vanderburgh of Las Vegas, Nevada, would frequently miss appointments and earn reputations for unreliability. Tips like those below can help you remake your schedule and keep appointments with the best of them:

Where Does the Time Go?

Almost everyone has wondered where time goes, but few stop to figure it out. Before you revamp your schedule, watch your daily activities for a week. Time yourself.

At the end of your timed week, look at how much time you spend on social media, texting, playing phone games or doing anything else that is unproductive.

With a week of time observation, you can more easily see what needs refinement and optimization.

Plan for the Important Things.

Work is important, but so is personal time. Plan for family time, exercise, relaxation and hobbies. If you don’t plan for it, chances are higher that it won’t happen.


Many professionals block out their morning hours for exercise and personal time. This offers double benefits. Not only are you taking better care of yourself and your personal life, but waiting to get to work can can make you very eager, boosting professional productivity.


Seasoned business people like Brian Vanderburgh of Las Vegas aren’t always naturally great at scheduling; instead, they study business behaviors like planning their time. Consider reading top books on scheduling and revamp your daily planning following a system that works for you.

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